Are you participating in an assessment & development centre? Some useful information

What exactly does an assessment & development centre entail?
It usually involves a combination of tools, such as an in-depth interview, personality tests, motivation tests, analytical and reasoning tests and learning ability tests. All sorts of simulation exercises are also included, such as a commercial or managerial roleplay or a planning exercise. It is always designed to be practical, so you can fully immerse yourself in a particular role. From that role, you can then carry out certain assignments, such as a performance interview.

How long does an assessment centre last?
That depends on the composition of the assessment centre. We normally conduct a number of tests. If this is not done online beforehand, we will organise a few simulation exercises (such as a mailbox exercise and a leadership roleplay) and a competency-based interview.

What is the added value for you?

This is the perfect time for you to get to know your own strengths and development points through a series of tests and exercises.

Tip: Ask for feedback a few days/weeks after the assessment to reinforce the learning effect.


  • It is an excellent opportunity to check whether there is a real match between you and the position/organisation. A negative result at an assessment centre doesn't mean that you lack capabilities. It usually indicates that the position/organisation does not quite match your talents.
  • We make an individual report for each assessment centre, in which we provide tips to develop your skills to the maximum.
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