Assessment & development centre

Discovering and developing talent together!

When it comes to searching for the right talent for you, together we are strong. That's why we don't work for you, we work together with you. As your partner, we take the time to get to know your company and all its HR needs. This way, we grow towards a sustainable cooperation that really delivers results.


Our strengths?

  • A people-oriented and personalised approach. Based on trust and transparency, we work towards the desired result: the right match between your company and your employees. 
  • We think and operate on the basis of possibilities, strengths and abilities, because we believe in growth and therefore move beyond STARR competency-based thinking.
  • We provide much more than reliable and substantiated advice. If your company needs it, we're at your side, designing an optimal integration and development path to help strengthen your HR policy. Moreover, our approach is fully tailored to suit you.

An efficient approach

In order to choose the right process, we assess your issues from three angles:

  • Assessment approach: do you want to know whether someone is the right person for your job, and what development points they present?
  • Development approach: are you more interested in the growth potential and development opportunities of your employee?
  • Career assessment approach: do you want to know in which area your employee will perform best?

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