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Since 2004, Hura has been counselling jobseekers looking for a new professional challenge after a dismissal, both in the context of individual dismissals, restructurings and bankruptcies. In doing so, we provide shelter, help process the dismissal and support both mentally and practically in the search for a new challenge.

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Sometimes, as a company, organisation or government, you have to say goodbye to an employee for various reasons. The new unitary statute valid from 01/01/2014 also provides for new regulations regarding outplacement. Within the legislation on outplacement, there is a general system and a specific system of outplacement.

The new general outplacement system uses the employee's notice period (30 weeks or more!) as the criterion for being entitled to outplacement. In addition, the current form of outplacement according to CAO82bis and aimed at 45-year-olds or older also continues to exist as the specific system.

Apart from the mandatory forms of outplacement for certain target groups, age categories or in case of restructuring or failure, voluntary outplacement of course also remains a possibility at all times.

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience of individual or collective dismissals and job losses in organisations. For outplacement, they are the perfect support for your HR department or organisation.

5 advantages of outplacement

  • NO WORRIES: we relieve you of all your worries as a company
  • LEGAL SECURITY: we guarantee that you are legally compliant
  • ADMINISTRATIVE EASE: we ensure perfect administrative handling.
  • COST SAVING: we prevent additional legal disputes and costs. Moreover, we guide you in processes to recover costs.
  • POSITIVE IMAGE: by offering good outplacement, you are perceived as a social and committed employer

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