#It's quality we care about

As an organisation, you consider quality to be of paramount importance. In fact, it's one of the most important criteria for you on all company fronts, even when it comes to teaming up with an HR partner. ITZU holds the following quality certificates:


Federgon RSS label

The RSS quality label is not only a guideline for client companies and candidates, but it also offers clear quality guarantees and highlights a strong commitment to all parties.

ITZU is an HR partner that guarantees the right match through proper analysis and processes and constructively builds long-term partnerships with candidates and companies.



Qfor is an objective and reliable certificate that guarantees the quality of the services offered. Thanks to this seal, clients can make use of the SME portfolio, among other things, and can rest assured that they will receive high-quality services.

All aspects of the ITZU services have been scrutinised in detail by way of an audit in the training and consultancy fields and customer satisfaction interviews.

Kwaliteitslogo Qfor

Feedback and/or complaints

We aim for a transparent, long-term partnership with every customer. This naturally implies an open complaints policy and paying the necessary attention to feedback.
If you have a complaint or feedback, please complete this form and send it to our Managing Director, who will be sure to look into it.

In this case, the following standard procedure will automatically be initiated: 

  • After receiving your complaint, you will get an automatic confirmation: your complaint will be followed up.
  • Within two days after receipt, you will get feedback concerning your complaint with possible solutions: if necessary, corrective and/or preventative actions will be taken.
  • ITZU Talent Solutions will record the analysis of the complaint and its solution.
  • After your complaint has been examined, the Account Manager will initiate an internal and external follow-up procedure (in cooperation with you).
  • The Managing Director will contact you for a final evaluation.

Please fill in this form as completely as possible so that we can quickly and efficiently settle your complaint.

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