Getting the right talent into the right seat with our assessment centres

How do we create the perfect match between your employee and his/her competencies on the one hand, and your organisation and position on the other? Through an evidence-based approach with standardised and objective measurements.

How do we achieve this? Each competence is assessed in several ways and at several moments because an assessment centre that uses several measuring periods increases the chance of correctly assessing your applicant's competencies.

That's why an assessment centre consists of a combination of:

A carefully composed battery of tests that assesses the following:

  • Reasoning ability
  • Learning ability
  • Cognitive skills
  • Planning and organising
  • Accuracy
  • Personality

An extensive choice in simulation exercises adapted to multiple work contexts and to different levels of complexity:

  • Mailbox exercise
  • Managerial exercise
  • Business case
  • Analysis and presentation exercise
  • Commercial exercise

Competency-based interview (STARR methodology)

In a nutshell, as your professional talent partner, we do not rush to find the right match. We will analyse the participant's competency profile during various measuring moments and map out the strengths and points that need attention in detail. You will then receive a clear report of the results, along with personalised and individual advice.

Visual assessment center

The online assessment centre

Just as society, the labour market and organisations are constantly evolving, assessment methods are evolving too. Of course, an assessment centre can be set up in one of our offices, but online is also an option. Naturally, you can always count on personal contact and high-quality advice.


ITZU Talent Solutions assessment centre: all the advantages at a glance

  • Objective assessment of profiles based on measured behaviour, giving you independent and crystal-clear advice
  • A well-founded basis for HR decisions, such as recruitment, career opportunities and employee development
  • An excellent opportunity to create balanced teams, so they perform optimally
  • An investment in your employees that provides useful feedback, making it a valuable learning moment for both your employees and your organisation
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