Coaching: optimally supporting individuals and teams

Our experienced coaches support both individuals and teams in your organisation.

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Team coaching: optimal collaboration

Do you want to make the most of your team's strengths?
Do you want to improve collaboration within your teams?
Is your team facing a tough challenge?

Three yeses? Team coaching is a powerful method for strengthening employee awareness and mutual connection.

What is the team coaching process like?

In the team coaching process, our starting point is specific bottlenecks and together we define the development goals. That is why we always start with a good conversation to discuss the development needs of the organisation and the team. Based on those specific needs, we then work out a programme and start working in a result-oriented way using supportive technologies and tools. 

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Individual coaching: performing better

Do you want your employees to function and perform better in the workplace by fine-tuning their skills or improving their communication and other abilities? Through individual coaching, we help develop their talents and potential while eliminating their weak points in the best possible way.

How does the individual coaching process work?

Step 1: Deepening learning objectives
Together with the employee and the manager, we identify and focus on the development needs.

Step 2: Drawing up a personal development plan
These results form the basis of a personal development plan (PDP), the guideline during the coaching process. In this plan, together with the coachee, we describe the learning goals and the evolution measurement points. This ensures our work is focused on results and enjoys maximum commitment. 

Step 3: Stimulating and challenging reflection
Our coaches work based on specific problems, situations and challenges identified by the coachee from his/her daily practice. This is a valuable process in which, through targeted questioning, the participant gains more insight into him/herself and is encouraged to reflect and take action.

Step 4: Draw up action plan
During each session, we draw up an action plan together, which the participant can immediately start using in its professional work environment.

Step 5: Discussing the learning revolution
Anything discussed in these sessions will be kept confidential. However, we do organise a three-way meeting, both in the interim and at the end of the process, in which the coachee, together with our coach and the employer will discuss his/her learning evolution.


Discover our three forms of individual coaching:

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