Training: focusing on sustainable behavioural changes

As a strategic training partner, we help translate your business ambitions into professional competencies that we can train and coach. This is how we achieve a lasting behavioural change in your employees.

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The building blocks of our training offer?

  • Competency framework for an impactful training plan

Competencies are necessary for organisational or personal change. We map those competencies and classify them into logical levels. This is how we create an impactful training plan that has permanent solutions at its heart. Of course, we are also happy to convert this into competency models or competency dictionaries that have already been implemented within your organisation.

  • Optimal social setting for a strong didactic approach

The (social) human success factors – which can either promote or prevent the development of certain competencies and behaviour – are key to our didactic approach. You can only successfully integrate new behaviours and skills within a well-developed working environment.




  • Shared values for more guidance and motivation

A valuable and sustainable employer-employee relationship is based on shared values. This is also the perfect way to create meaning, which is something your employees are looking for, because if meaning is missing, direction and motivation are often missing as well.

Are you looking for a way to translate your company values into EVP (Employer Value Propositions), to really bring values to life and integrate them into training programmes? Then ITZU Talent Solutions is the right place for you.

  • Blended learning for maximum learning effect

Strengthening competencies requires ongoing effort. Besides face-to-face training, at ITZU Talent Solutions we also believe strongly in blended learning. Thanks to ITZU Workspace, our digital learning platform, we can support, follow up, stimulate and survey your employees in an accessible way. It also offers an online community for participants, trainers, coaches and stakeholders. This involvement is crucial and contributes to impactful learning processes.

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Our approach optimises your learning efforts

Thanks to our experienced training experts, you can rely on a step-by-step and clear approach that will maximise your learning efforts:

Step 1: Measuring
We survey employees from all levels of your organisation. Among other things, through interviews, company visits, Focus Forum...

Step 2: Alignment
We analyse results and define action points.

Step 3: Implementation
We convert actions into a customised learning process. We do this through appropriate methodologies, scans and tools.

Step 4: Consolidation
If you wish, we can integrate learning processes into your existing procedure(s).


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