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Rapid placement of the right person for the right job

An accumulation of new assignments, a sudden large order... hooray! But at the same time... oh no! Because how do you get all that extra work done? It's not easy to quickly modify your personnel policy. Fortunately, temporary workers can help you respond flexibly to these peak moments.

As a temporary employment agency, we're happy to listen to your needs and work out the best possible interim solution for you. Thanks to our customised approach, we're quick but efficient at finding the most suitable candidates for your vacancies, so you can get through those peak periods unscathed.

Need help filling an interim or flexi-job?  Contacteer us!


In-house services

In-house HR support

Is your company in need of extra workers for a longer period of time, or even structurally? Then it's a good idea to have a flexible in-house HR partner who can help think, build and proactively address your staffing needs. 

We're happy to provide temporary, structural or ad hoc support by being physically present at your office. That way, our experts can give your HR department some extra support.

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No more administrative worries

Would you like to hire temporary workers, but don't feel like doing all that time-consuming paperwork? We get it. That’s why we take care of all the personnel administration for you. This gives you more room to breathe and allows you to focus on your core tasks.
Moreover, you won't have to face any unexpected problems or surprises because our experienced HR specialists are up to date with the latest legislation and regulations. 

Would you like to save time and outsource that time-consuming personnel administration? Let us know!


Recruitment & Selection

Intelligent recruitment thanks to our expertise

The search for new, permanent talent in your company can take up a lot of your time and energy: looking at piles of CVs, analysing them, answering them, recording interviews, evaluating them, scheduling new rounds of interviews... You can easily find yourself short of hands and time!  

But not if you join forces with our HR specialists. We'll think proactively alongside you and take care of that intensive recruitment process for you, completely or partially. Whatever you prefer.

Would you like to recruit thoughtfully and thus increase your chances of finding the right candidate? We'll gladly help you out.

project sourcing

Project Sourcing

The right HR experience for your project

Do you have a temporary but important project in the pipeline? Looking for a temporary replacement for someone in a key position in your company? Thanks to the expertise of our HR Heroes, you'll be able to respond flexibly to your organisation's HR needs. 
Moreover, Project Sourcing relieves you of all related administrative obligations. This saves you valuable time and allows you to focus better and more on your core business.

Do you want to give your company some extra support during key moments? Discover our expertise in Project Sourcing

buitenlandse rekrutering

Foreign recruitment

No scarcity thanks to our foreign recruitment

Looking for specific profiles and want to stay one step ahead of any labour market scarcity? ITZU is your international recruitment partner for suitable staff. We have our own recruitment offices in Poland, but also external and reliable partners in Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, etc.

This way, we do not only provide additional inflow, but we also personally ensure that everything is done correctly and legally. Above all, our approach is people-oriented, as we give close support to our foreign employees in Belgium: from accommodation to administration and follow-up.

Are you at a loss when looking for bottleneck profiles? We'll gladly help you out.

Why choose ITZU?


As a company or organisation, you're always going to be faced with numerous challenges, including in the HR field. And sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees. And that's certainly the case in a fast-changing job market. But of course, you want to be agile and be able to respond flexibly to the questions, wishes and needs of your clients.

ITZU is there for you as a talent partner. With our expertise in various niches and our well-trained HR specialists, we can support you in every possible aspect of your HR policy. We not only optimise your inflow through creative talent recruitment, 
but we also develop talent through digital tools and customised training because we firmly believe in the strengths and potential of each individual. 
Moreover, we are in close contact with companies and candidates, which allows us to respond efficiently to the needs of all parties.

In short: if you choose ITZU, you are choosing an experienced, flexible and creative HR partner who will help you and your organisation grow sustainably.

As a company, do you want to be extra agile in a rapidly changing labour market? Hire us as your talent partner.

Our approach

  • Everyone has a talent. And we believe in the power of every talent. That's our starting point when looking for the right candidate. 
  • But the process doesn't end when we get the right person into the right job. We enhance our expertise with digital HR tools that help boost everyone's potential. This way, we enable not only people and their talents, but also companies, to grow sustainably.
  • Above all, we grow together. Because we are more than just a matchmaker, we are your talent partner. We’re real team players. We connect. Thanks to our warm, personal approach, we build valuable, lasting relationships between candidates and companies on a daily basis.

Because it’s you we care about. And that is not just our slogan. It’s embedded in our DNA. 

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